Order way

Simply process - choose option of the product, add to cart, choose delivery and payment method.

Payment methods that you can use when completing the order are:

  • paypal;
  • credit / debit card;
  • a transfer to a bank account.

You will be informed about the possibility of choosing the payment method when finalizing the order.

Payment by bank transfer extends the processing time by the time needed to credit the transfer.

The other payments methods are made immediately. If one of the websites has a technical break or money is stuck in the payment service - we do not take responsibility for it, and the solution to this situation is on your side. In this case, the execution of the order may be rejected or suspended for an indefinite period. If we do not receive the funds, we will inform you about it. We do not send goods based on the presented money transfer confirmation.

We accept payment by EURO currency. For order placed by email we do accept EURO and USD currency.

Delivery methods you can use is fitted to products:

  • Aerial hoop - FEDEX (35€ in Europe, 50€ to US and Canada)
  • Crash mat - FEDEX/UPS (50€ in Europe) - shippment to US and Canada has to be evaluate individually
  • Aerial Rig - FEDEX/RABEN (150€ in Europe), FEDEX/UPS (700€ to US and Canada)
  • Other products like silks, hammocks, aerial accessories - FEDEX/UPS (20€ in Europe, 50€ to US and Canada)

The transport costs presented below are example costs - we do not know where you order our equipment.

The final delivery price will be visible in the order checkout after entering the correct delivery address.

Taxes and prices.

Prices are shown on the website in Euro and the conversion rate is typically valued against the current rates. However, the prices on the website are not dependent on the current rates (i.e. they do not decrease or increase with the value of the currency). We remind you: You buy the goods for a binding price that is valid at the time of order. Unfortunately, it does not work in a way where if you buy a rack at the price of X on Tuesday, and we discount it on Wednesday, you should be refunded the difference.

You bear the costs of the chosen delivery method according to the price list in the Online Store.

Additionally, you are required to cover the 23% VAT rate. However, if you are under EU VAT, it is 0%.

All prices in the store are net prices. The appropriate VAT (0% or 23%) is added before order finishing.