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Our hoops are made of premium-grade steel pipes and powder painted (usually black, but we can paint your circus wheel in any color from the RAL palette for orders 10+ pieces). They weight on average 4,5 to 6 kilograms (depending on size) and can carry up to 200 kilograms during dynamic exercises. All of them are built according to high standards and are covered by a 3 years warranty for construction. 2-handles aerial hoops also comply with International Pole Sports Federation requirements, which makes them a perfect choice for championships preparations.


Technical information

BLL 1400 – 5000 kg
WLL is up to safety factory which you choose:
  • SF 5:1 – minimum WLL 300 kg
  • SF 10:1 – minimum WLL 140 kg
Tube diameter
  • 25 mm
  • 27 mm
  • 30 mm
Hoops weight 4,7-6 kg
Material High quality steel
Coating black glossy with great grip
Available ext. diameters: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110 cm
Possible hanging option
  • 1-point
  • 2-points
  • universal sheckles (single or double)
  • 0-point


It's essential to select a lyra that's perfectly right for you. FR Sports enables you to choose between hoops of different diameters, grip widths, and a number of hanging points. All these three values are worth considering.

  • Aerial hoop size depends usually on the height of an aerialist, as it is important for safety and will also impact the limits of your performance. A correct hoop is a condition to enable smooth transitions and to guarantee you enough space for certain poses. We offer lyras of the following sizes: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110 cm in external diameter.

    We recommend choosing your hoop by using one of these methods:

    • sit straight, measure the length from the seating point to the top of your head and add 10 to 12 cm. - RECOMMEND THIS METHOD
    • stand up, measure the length from the top of your hip bone to the foot, and add 5 cm,
  • The standard steel pipes used to manufacture our aerial hoops are 27mm or 30mm in diameter, however, custom made wheels may be thicker or thinner. Various diameters come with various benefits and are subject only to your personal preferences. Thin hoops provide a stronger grip, while thicker ones are sometimes perceived as more comfortable in balance-based poses.

  • Hoops offered on are equipped with one or two welded hanging points for carabiners. You can also purchase a no-point lyra with special drill holes for sheckles, which can flexibly be used as both a single or a double point lyra. Of course if you need aerial hoop without hanging point we also produce 0-points aerial lyras. There are dozens of moves that may be performed solemnly on single or double point aerial hoops, therefore this particular choice is very important for your relationship with your new lyra.

    Our single point lyra is the most frequently used. A choreography performed on this type of hoop is also often required for participation in national and international championships.

    When choosing our double point lyra, it's noteworthy that the standard spacing between the points is 60 degrees, that angular offset has to be perfect, because the larger the distance between the handles, the easier it is to fit on the upper bar between them, and the lyra rotates more easily.

    When picking a universal option, you get an apparatus that can be rigged like a one-point or a two-point hoop, usually by using a choked spanset. In this situation, taped hoops provide better friction, and allow the spanset to stay in place. A professional cloth Mueller tape may be purchased on our page, too. (link) This solution is often chosen by aerialists who find holding points uncomfortable in certain positions.

    If it it hard to choose between 1-hanging point or 2 remember about our "universal" hoops, with holes for shackles that are neatly drilled in the pipe. This solution is perfect for school owners, and aerialists willing to have an apparatus suitable for every routine.


Finding a perfect aerial hoop is a good beginning, to fully enjoy your flying, and to ensure your safety in every situation you will need a few additional items. We apply our high production standards also to our rigging equipment, crash mats, cloth tape, and further useful accessories, which you can find in our shop.

  • Rigging equipment is available for separate purchase or already included in your set. It includes:

    1. carabiners (two - if you have a circus wheel with one hanging point; three - if you have a circus wheel with two points) (link)
    2. a rope or a spanset. We recommend buying our unique adjustable straps (link), manufactured and tested in Poland, rated for 2 tons load and allowing you to hang your aerial hoop at any height of your convenience with options at every 12 cm;
    3. a swivel (link), which prevents the rope, strap, or spanset from twisting and potential damage. Spinning adds a matchless artistic value to every aerial hoop performance, making it an incomparable experience. Moreover, a swivel is essential during competitions and serves well for photo shootings. Your spectators will love admiring your figures and transitions from every angle.
  • You rely on a crash mat to keep you safe while performing potentially dangerous tricks. You better choose carefully so that you can perform free of any potential troubles. Our mats have you covered!

  • We recommend using Mueller tape (link) for a better grip. It is not necessary, as our hoops are painted specifically to prevent them from being slippery, but many people find taped hoops more comfortable. If you do not know how to wrap your apparatus, read our product description, or just write to us. We will be happy to help you!

  • If you wish to make your practice even more challenging or want to ease the transportation and storage of your new apparatus, we will happily provide you with several additional products:

    1. our hand loops (link) that enable you to create completely new poses and sequences,

    2. our bungee rope (link) that makes vertical bouncing possible,

    3. our carrying bag (link) to protect your hoop while transporting from place to place.


We care about your safety, therefore we produce high-quality equipment to hang your hoop. We are looking forward to assisting you in finding the perfect way for your rigging. When hanging your lyra, you generally have the following options:

1) Ceiling anchors and beams

When rigging from your ceiling, the installation depends on the type of ceiling you have. Remember that the ceiling is always a sensitive place and you need to pay great attention to the proper and safe rigging of your aerial hoop. The most common types of ceilings and possible solutions include:

  • full concrete ceilings: suitable for drilling holes and mounting steel anchors (link),
  • wooden beams: suitable for passing the rope around; when beams are longer and made of good quality wood, it is possible to use wood screws,
  • steel beams: suitable for passing the rope around,
  • dropped ceilings require a hole in it and mounting the aerial hoop to the main ceiling;

2) Aerial Rig

The aerial rig (link) is a portable construction that allows you to perform, wherever you want. Take your rig outside for an unforgettable show in the park, or practice in cold winter days inside, without leaving the comfort of your home. Made of durable aluminum pipes, it is a wonderful solution for those seeking a way to train safely without drilling holes in the ceiling (i.e. in a rented apartment) or nature lovers who appreciate outdoor training

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