Aerial RIG KIDS - Aerial hoop rig - Aerial silk rig - Aerial hammock rig

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Portable Aerial Rig for kids. Rig your child’s aerial hoop or aerial silk whenever you want!

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Aerial A-frame special dedicated for kids is the completly new in FR Sports shop. Collapsible rigger position assembly circus egupiment for aerial arts in every place. You can use it inside or outside. Our Aerial Rig has necessary atest and additionaly is simply in montage.

If your kid is dreaming about training aerial everyday - dont hesitate! Make it happen.

Purpose/Product features

RIG KIDS is dedicated for little aerialist, which weight is maximum 70kg.
For older people and professional artists we are recommending - RIG PRO.

Aerial rig frame is in 100% safe for kids - construction does not have dangerous or sharp elements. Additional our aerial rig was repeatedly tested by professional circus artist, instructors and constructors.
More about safety and atest you can read below.

Rig frame can be used outside or inside - as alternative for rigging circus equipment (aerial hoop, silk, straps) in the ceiling or unsafe rigging outside - at the trees or elevation. Rig frame is one and only safe option for rigging your kids equipment outside.
Our Aerial rig will work in dance & acrobatic studios, fitness centres, circus and arts schools, workshops or sport camps! It is best for every trainings level, so it will be perfect for events, children’s performances but also as therapeutic construction or place to play for the youngest one.

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Aerial frame from Flying Rose Sport may be used to rig:

  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Yoga Hammock
  • Aerial Straps
  • Static Trapeze
  • Aerial Spiral

and any other suitable apparatus.

Apart from the aerial acrobatics, our portable construction is suitable for hanging e.g. gymnastic rings or swings for children.

Technical information

  • durable aluminum construction with fi50 pipes special grade aluminium
  • powder coated
  • assembly time: less than 10 minutes
  • 3 eligible height options: 2.3 m, 3,3 m, or 4,3 m
  • suitable for exercises inside and outside
  • in the Aerial Frame kit, you will receive: one aluminum aerial structure with lock pins, 4x feet and 3 brace straps
  • in progress in TUV NORD certification - certificate will be ready in July 2023

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Three eligible height options:

  • 2.3 meters (8 pipes) - footprint of 3m x 2,5m
  • 3.3 meters (12 pipes) - footprint of 3,75m x 3,5m
  • 4.3 meters (16 pipes) - footprint of 4,5m x 4,5m

Strenght Characteristics:

  • BLL min. 10kN = 1000kg
  • WLL up to 70kg

When additionally purchasing a quick-assembly kit you will receive:

  • 180x50x40 cm bag for transporting aerial rig. The bag is equipped with wheels, which allows for comfortable transport.

The construction kit includes:

  • One aluminum aerial structure with lock pins;
  • Two diagonal, brace straps for frame’s legs;
  • On circumferentially, brace straps;

Installation & Construction

Flying Rose Sport’s Aerial frames are made of durable fi50 aluminum pipes, thanks to which you can feel safe about your kids aerial routine. It is a solid construction.
The frame legs are connected to its upper part by pins. In addition, the legs of the frame are fastened with 2 diagonal straps and one around the circumference to ensure full stabilization during exercise in the air. In the case of setting the frame outside, it is possible to use pins for the feet of the structure. The pins allow the stand to be anchored in the ground, making it stand exactly where you want it, even during intense training.
Despite its dimensions, the aerial frame is very easy to assemble and disassemble. For setting it up you will need 2 people and less than 10 minutes. In addition, it is possible to install a system of pulleys, thanks to which each set up of aerial equipment will become child's play. 
The pulley system makes possible to move the aerial apparatus up and down without using a ladder. Convenient and time-saving!

If you intend to use a-frame primarily indoors, you also do not have to worry about stabilization and safety considerations. The feet of the aerial rig are designed in such a way as to ensure full comfort on various surfaces. From the bottom, the feet have a rubber base, so the frame is in place and does not slip. The rubber also serves as a protection for the floor, prevents the formation of scratches and bruises.

The upper beam of the aerial frame for children has 3 assembly places. The middle one is intended for the standard installation of acrobatic equipment. The remaining assembly points can be used to set up a system of climbing lines that allow for quick assembly and change of equipment from the ground. The distance between the mounting points is 60 centimeters between each of them.

Thanks to this, it is possible to create two rig point at the side assembly points and as a result, conduct synchronous aerial training for two people.


Flying Rose Sport’s Aerial frames are made of durable fi50 aluminum pipes, thanks to which you can feel safe about your kids aerial routine. The aluminum structure was powder painted to ensure the material’s longevity. Our aerial rig is suitable for both external use and indoor setup. You do not need to worry about floor the construction feet have a rubber bottom for stability on any surface and to avoid damages or scratches.Our aerial rig is proven for its complete safety, as confirmed by endurance tests. The rig is during tests in independent unit TUV NORD - certificate should be ready in July 2023.

Comparison Aerial Rig Kids to Aerial Rig Pro

Kids Rack Pro Rack
BLL 10 kN = 1000kg 20 kN = 2000kg

0,7kN = 70kg (SF = 12:1) 2kN = 200kg (SF = 8:1)
Leg spacing 4,5m x 4,5m from 2,8m x 3,4m up to 6,5m x 6,5m
Working heights 2,3m – 3,3m – 4,3m 2,9m – 4,2m – 5,5m – 6,6m (shorter top bar)
Upper crossbar Pipe 60/5, high quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082T6 Pipe 70/10, high quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082T6
Legs Rura 50/5, high quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082T6 Rura 70/6, high quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082T6
Types of top beam anchoring Screwed stainless steel threaded eyelets Specially designed stainless steel clamps that increase the strength of the top beam
Top beam length 1,2m 1,5m (for version 6,6m shorter 1m bar)
Total weight 70kg (for 4,3m) 140kg (for 6,6m)
Number of people needed to assemble 2 2-4
Number of people needed to disassemble 2 3-4

1.845,00 € each Aerial Rig Kids Choose options