Happy aerial customers

Satisfied customers make satisfied manufacturers.

Manufacturing of aerial equipment is a huge responsibility, and so we make every effort to provide you with the highest quality of products, full safety and maximum satisfaction.

We are happy when you appreciate the quality of our services. We are also well aware of how important and valuable it is to read reviews before making a purchase, so below we would like to share some of them:

  • Samara Alessa from Germany

    Samara Alessa from Germany

    I can definately recommend the rig from flying rose sport as Belinda Green said already. I got mine last week. I checked out a lot of rigs and decided to get the one from flying rose sport. It is super sturdy and they have the best price and a great customer service! They respond super fast, super nice and delivery was also so fast. It arrived within 10 days! I love it and can really recommend it.

  • Ly Li from Austria

    Ly Li from Austria

    I bought the aerial rig from FR-Sports. I love it and they have the best customer service ever.

  • Belinda Green from USA

    Belinda Green from USA

    I just received a rig from Flying Rose and I am very impressed with it! Very sturdy, easy to put together, and they offer a pulley system! Its also nice to have the option to use at different heights, also safe for indoor and outdoor use.
    Awesome customer service as well, I bet if you have any questions Bartek Zarebski can help!