Extension sling - daisy chain PRO

28,29 € por unidad


Aerial props, for instance, lyras, can be used on different heights, depending on the user's height, the character of the performance, or the move's complexity. Walking up and down the ladder, changing the spansets and rigging takes a lot of time and effort. FR-SPORTS extension sling will save both of them! This polyester sling is 180 cm long and has sturdy loops every 12 centimeters. It's a genial solution for aerialists wanting to work on several routines during one training, teachers willing to spot their students during demanding tricks or studio owners whose students share props.

Do you need something better than daisy chain?

Contrary to daisy chains used in aerial yoga, our sling is robust and durable and will also work you well for dynamic moves. Its working load is 2 tons with a breaking force of even 20 kN! The extension sling may be attached directly to the rigging point (with a carabiner or a shackle) or connected to a round sling and used in places with very high ceilings.

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